Father Found - Judith Arnold

Father Found

By Judith Arnold

  • Release Date: 2013-11-14
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 270 Ratings)
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Father Found by Judith Arnold

Winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award! 

Book One of Judith Arnold’s popular Daddy School series. Jamie McCoy is the ultimate guy: thirty years old, carefree and professionally successful as the writer of a nationally syndicated humor column called “Guy Stuff.” Nine and a half months ago, he spent a week basking on the beach in Eluthera and indulging in a fling with a woman at the resort. Never did he expect to find the unplanned result of that fling—a healthy, wailing baby named Samantha—strapped into a car seat on his back porch, along with a suitcase full of diapers and infant apparel and a note informing Jamie that he’s her father. 

Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. But first things first. He’s never fed a baby or changed a diaper in his life. He doesn’t own a crib or a stroller. In a panic, he phones the nearest hospital, where neonatal nurse Allison Winslow takes his call and tells him about a class she teaches called the Daddy School. 

Classes on how to be a dad are exactly what Jamie needs. But when he attends his first class and sees the tall, earnest, amazingly beautiful and even more amazingly competent Allison, he realizes that he might just need more from her than her lectures on how to hold a baby. 

Jamie’s efforts to be a father to this precious baby touch Allison. His sense of humor amuses her. His striking good looks turn her on. But how can she trust the sort of guy who’d sleep with a stranger on vacation, without giving a thought to the consequences? How can she give her heart to such a reckless man?

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Book Reviews

  • Father Found by Judith Arnold

    By Ruth Ann Nordin
    I don’t remember reading a book by the\is author before now, but I definitely enjoyed this one enough to try another.
  • Father Found

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    Another wonderful book by Judith Arnold. Never a run of the mill story. Really love her writing, her characters, her humor, and her tasteful sex scenes. You are always satisfied when you finish her books.
  • Baby Daddy

    By Gail B Scope
    I really enjoyed the book. I couldn't put it down. There were about three editing mistakes, but otherwise an enjoyable story. The people in the book could have easily been recognized & pictured. I'm so glad things worked out for Jamie & Allison, he needed her in his life. Also glad Jamie was able to keep Samantha. Looking forward to more books in the series!
  • Bad heroine character

    By Artygrl
    Allison was such a judgmental character. I didn't like her at all. Jamie would have been better off without her. I'm having a lot of trouble finishing this book. How can you fall in love with someone you obviously don't respect.
  • So Boring

    By F.A.B NYC
    Immature characters, interminable monologues, a non-existent plot made this book a waste of time.
  • The book was OK.

    By ClaudiaS1234
    I thought the beginning was really good. I didn’t like the heroine, Allison, very much. She was very judgemental and I even found her to be kind of boring. The male lead was funny and charming by I could not see why he was even attracted to the female lead. I thought maybe I was the only one that didn’t like Allison until I came on here and read the reviews. Apprently i’m not the only that thinks she is boring and judgemental. The book was well written. However, halfway thorugh I found myself skiping pages, and I was still able to keep up with the story.
  • Awful female character

    By Dostacobrothers
    The female character in this book is horrible, way too judgmental and thinking she's better than everyone else, all though the father was had a good story I couldn't get past the judgement of the heroine.
  • Found Daddy

    By Isabel in Arizona
    I really enjoyed this book. I love hearing about a Daddy's struggles & points of view. Raising a newborn is not easy, but so wonderful! Thank you for a great story.
  • I agree with two previous reviews

    By mrsENEERG
    I usually finish a book a night but this heroine got on my nerves so badly that I found myself wondering why the hero even tried. The story was slow, predictable and it felt like the author felt she had to describe every detail instead of letting it fall to the reader's intelligence to read between the lines. I actually had to take a break and read something else, too, because the heroine was so unlikeable. The hero was great and secondary characters but it was just meh. I read a ton of chapters until it finally got to some chemistry and still I skipped to the last chapter because I was so bored. It was a free book but not even worth your time. Trust me!
  • Awful Heroine

    By Father Found
    This was the most unlikeable heroine ever. She was so judgmental, and holier-than-thou that I actually had to keep walking away from this book and read another to get the foul taste out of my mouth. The hero, on the other hand, was fabulous! He's why I gave two stars instead of one.

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