Jurassic Pulp - Dot Gumbi

Jurassic Pulp

By Dot Gumbi

  • Release Date: 2014-03-16
  • Book Genre: Fiction & Literature
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Jurassic Pulp by Dot Gumbi

When Marsellus Wallace is given the opportunity to invest in a pioneering new resort, he jumps at it, but after several years of no contact his patience runs out and he sends his two henchmen, Jules and Vincent, to find out what's happened to his money. They fly to a private island off of Costa Rica where they discover their boss has invested in a dinosaur theme-park, but before they get chance to call and tell him what's going on, the park is plunged into chaos and Jules and Vincent find themselves fighting for their lives.

'How the hell we gonna tell him he's bought a god-damned dinosaur?'

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