White Tigress (The Way of The Tigress, Book 1) - Jade Lee

White Tigress (The Way of The Tigress, Book 1)

By Jade Lee

  • Release Date: 2012-03-18
  • Book Genre: Historical
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4 Score: 4 (From 179 Ratings)
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White Tigress (The Way of The Tigress, Book 1) by Jade Lee

Can sex be the gateway to an ancient mystical realm unheard of in the West? According to Chinese Tantrics, the answer is YES.

In Jade Lee's award-winning Tigress series, western women discover that sex is not simply for pleasure, but for religious ecstasy. Who will come out on top? The Western Tigress or the Chinese Dragon? And is the new erotic realm they discover LOVE?

WHITE TIGRESS - The Way of the Tigress, Book 1
Englishwoman Lydia Smith is drugged and sold as a Tantric slave, to a dark-eyed dragon of a man.

Lydia's captor does not demand her virginity but her Yin-the essence of her ecstasy.

What harm could come from allowing him to pleasure her, to teach her, to explore the path of the White Tigress, until she can flee?

"White Tigress is an exotic, unique, and sensual journey to a wholly interesting time period and culture." ~All About Romance
"The relationship between alpha male Ru Shan and Lydia is powerful, going beyond sensuality into the spiritual realm as Lee guides the readers as much as Ru Shan leads Lydia to uncover the mysteries of life and sensuality." ~Romantic Times Book Club

4 Stars! Romantic Times
2005 PEARL Best Erotic Romance finalist

THE WAY OF THE TIGRESS, in series order
White Tigress
Hungry Tigress
Desperate Tigress
Burning Tigress
Cornered Tigress
Tempted Tigress

ABOUT Jade Lee
Jade Lee, a USA Today bestseller, has two passions (well, except for her family, but that's a given). She loves dreaming up stories and playing racquetball, not always in that order. When her pro-racquetball career ended with a pair of very bad knees, she turned her attention to writing. An author of more than 30 romance novels, she's decided that life can be full of joy without ever getting up from her chair.

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Book Reviews

  • Sophisticated AND Entertaining

    By Voltan Drake
    I really appreciate a story that has a high level of sophistication. Jade Lee really delivered in White Tigress. Definitely not a typical "love" story. Jade Lee enables the reader to experience Chinese culture in the late Victorian era. The racial differences were handled without the use of gratuitous terms that would have been awkward. Even the religious and cultural differences are handled in a way that makes the story interesting without being overdone and burdensome. In general, this is an excellent multi-cultural romance that will be enjoyed by sophisticated readers who appreciate a multi-faceted story. Well done! Looking forward to the rest of the Tigress books.
  • White Tigress

    By eternalconfusion1
    I liked the eastern approach in this book. It gave the usual romance a different perspective and more depth. The characters were well developed so that an understanding of their personalities and feelings were conveyed. I will be interested to see if the other tigress books are as unique. Thanks for a god read!
  • Sketchy

    By Hayley_knights
    This book is weird among other things. Bad plot line, I was so lost most of the time and the main character is a freak.
  • Ughh

    By Candygirlxxx
    Weird, gross and NO passion at all I don't reccomend.
  • Omg white tigress

    By Goodwin2009
    Well....all I can say is Jade kidnapped me and bound me to my bed for two days..... This book was wonderful! I would definately recommend it. I can't wait to read more............

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