Hiding from Reality - Taylor Armstrong

Hiding from Reality

By Taylor Armstrong

  • Release Date: 2012-02-07
  • Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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Hiding from Reality by Taylor Armstrong

Taylor Armstrong, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, pulls back the curtain on the years she suffered in silence through domestic violence in this searingly honest account of her troubled marriage to the late Russell Armstrong.

The terrible truth is that I felt lost without the control that Russell had imposed on me for the nearly six years that we were married. Disturbingly, I missed that control. I didn’t know what to do once I had no one there to tell me how to dress, act, and behave; what to want; and who, even, to be. In some ways, I missed the abuse. I missed the pain. I missed being scared. Not because I liked feeling any of that. But because it was the life I had become accustomed to, and without anyone to be afraid of, to apologize to, and to cover for, I felt completely lost.

Reality hit Taylor Armstrong hard one tragic evening last August when she found the body of her estranged husband, Russell, hanging in his California home. Fans across the country were shocked at the horrific news of his death and even more shocked to discover that behind the glittering “reality” of Taylor’s life on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills lurked a painful story of emotional and physical abuse that she had been terrified to tell.
To the outside world, the Armstrongs lived like royalty, throwing lavish parties—including a memorable tea party for their daughter’s fourth birthday—and mingling with their privileged Housewives co-stars. It was impossible to hide the cracks in their marriage from the cameras forever, though, and their darkest secrets slowly began to seep through the gilded façade.

With searing honesty, Taylor candidly examines her difficult journey from the abusive home in which she was born to the low self-esteem that kept her constantly on the run from herself, to the tumultuous marriage that ended in suicide, and ultimately to her realization that only by sharing her moving story could she help other women.

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Book Reviews

  • Amazing

    By Dooliahmed
    Wow very touching heart felt I couldn't put it down, sad and sincere really loved the book . it provides a lot of insight for women in similar relationships
  • Really good book

    By Neesse
    Ok. I was not sure how this was going to be. I definitely didn't think it would be THIS good. If you watch the Housewives, then you will completely see how and why Taylor acted the way she did half the time. If you never watched it and don't even like reality shows, you will still love this book. Taylor is smart, driven, and was stuck big time in a huge mess. It is definitely a must-read for anyone who feels like they can't be themselves in their relationship...there are signs of abuse in all shapes and sizes. My heart feels for Taylor, and she also helped me a great deal. I really highly recommend this book.
  • Loved

    By Oh yes way to go
    Great book, well written! Praying for Taylor and Kennedy!!
  • It captures you and you want to know

    By Giaella
    I read this in a day I couldn't put it down. Domestic Violence is a sickness that it's passed from generation to generation. The person who is abused is also "sick" and it is explained by Taylor. Although they are aware that something is bad it's the sickness that keeps them going back. Very interesting story, insight on the big WHY?. Why did this happen , why did she end up in wealth, why did it start? Taylor you are brave , keep learning about who YOU are. You will heal along the way!
  • Terrible truth

    By nena224
    It is a sad story yet even if you've been some how abused and your story is not as intense, one still relates to Taylor's fears while living her situation. Some of us walked away sooner yet reading her story you realize how much we avoided. When Kennedy is all grown up to understand her mothers journey, she will be so proud. I hope that many take time to read this book, not because it's a housewives star but to learn the signs and it's consequences.
  • Casey Anthony story

    By Gosstoo
    This is a good book. I don't know why there are so many hating on this book. This woman is so much like Casey Anthony it eerie. Casey and Taylor have the same disorder. Taylor you are a very brave woman for telling this story. I wish you all the best and hope you heal from all you went through.
  • Hiding from reality

    By Taylor Armstrong
    Couldn't put the book down. Riveting and raw, Taylor Armstrong's story was an interesting read and will help women everywhere!
  • Grateful

    By Ms.erin.moore
    I hope this book reaches the women who need it the most... In the beginning, middle, or end of their own cycles of abuse. It brought back haunting memories - ones I needed to remember that allow my immense gratitude for the most beautiful and equal relationship I could ever have hoped for. Thank you for your honesty and willing to be seen. E
  • seriously?

    Seriously? She wrote a book too? what is it about,botox?
  • Explains alot

    By Danielle_fl
    Reading this explained alot about Taylors behavior on the show. Victims of abuse often behave in ways that seem ridiculous to us. I think her book helps shed light on the complicated emotions the abused face.

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