Inferno of Life - Duane Watson

Inferno of Life

By Duane Watson

  • Release Date: 2011-08-16
  • Book Genre: Fantasy
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 48 Ratings)
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Inferno of Life by Duane Watson

Dargon and his two friends, Matt and Silof are eighteen year old boys growing up in a small village, largely naive of the outside world. Yet when an unknown force called the Trikon attacks their home town with humanoid lizard-like beasts, killing everyone that the boys hold dear, they are forced to flee.

The only direction that the boys have is a few words from a mysterious stranger in a black cloak that had saved their lives twice that day.

As Dargon struggles to survive the invasion strange things begin to happen. Power begins to manifest inside him, forcing him to learn not only to deal with his new powers, but also the responsibility that they bring. For without him there is no way that they can save the land from the overwhelming invasion.

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Book Reviews

  • Reader of sci-fi and fan.

    By Neebie789
    Wow ! Good characters, story, action. Frustrating ending to get your emotions turning. Very good stuff !!
  • Great storyline

    By Alviendre
    No spoilers, I promise! I really enjoyed the story and the development of events. What I found annoying was the lack of editing and the lack of ending entails. It left me wondering what happened to other characters, how did doing one ritual change the army's strength, why was there no focus on Silof, what happened to all the little guys in the air? It just lacked a finished touch. But, very entertaining and a good quick read! Looking forward to seeing later works.
  • Good Book

    By Kalista Marie
    Its a good book so far, but it has a really weird plot!!!
  • Pass this one over

    By treaves
    Perhaps an editor could save this book, but, the author is incapable of doing it himself. The sentence structure is so bad it rally makes it hard to read. Then, there is a character described as having a 'photographic memory' in a time and place that wouldn't know what a camera was. Save your time.

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