Forever - Pete Hamill


By Pete Hamill

  • Release Date: 2011-05-01
  • Book Genre: Literary
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 109 Ratings)
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Forever by Pete Hamill

This widely acclaimed bestseller is the magical, epic tale of an extraordinary man who arrives in New York in 1740 and remains... forever.
Through the eyes of Cormac O'Connor--granted immortality as long as he never leaves the island of Manhattan--we watch New York grow from a tiny settlement on the tip of an untamed wilderness to the thriving metropolis of today. And through Cormac's remarkable adventures in both love and war, we come to know the city's buried secrets--the way it has been shaped by greed, race, and waves of immigration, by the unleashing of enormous human energies, and, above all, by hope.

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Book Reviews

  • Great fantastical historical novel.

    By Jet001
    Wonderful historical treatment. Vivid picture of NYC through the ages. Ending to sudden and vague. A disappointing last page.
  • New York Lives In Forever

    By Fpiano
    I felt I really had to stretttttch to give this novel a 4star rating. The layers upon layers upon layers of NYC history, people, buildings, smells, fires, opportunities for years and years of people were wonderfully written, but so much mush amongst it. That is better off left to the writers of historical bodice rippers. Hamill is one of my favorite non-fiction writers but this novel doesn't show him at his best. Not even close. He's a life-long newspaper man by trade--what happened to the gift for editing. The novel has a great concept but goes on too long. Just one example of what bothered me. Thunder, the wonder stallion who appears ever hundred years or so to save the day. I couldn't get My Friend Flicka out of my mind. Another note to city writers; Geraniums smell worse than the stink of a water starved city.
  • Excellent, engaging read

    By EmilyLaughed
    I was hesitant when I read the description of this book, but I was converted as soon as I started reading the lush descriptions and phenomenal storytelling. I cared deeply for all of the characters. My heart ached for them, and for the strength of the city that I love so much. I must admit that my fascination with New York grows stronger daily, and books like this help keep my love affair with the city alive. Highly, highly recommended. It's an epic, well worth the time. My only problem is choosing what to read next.
  • Forever

    By theChasBarKid
    loved this book, a true history of New York. Felt like I was there with Cormac walking and living the times. A must read!
  • Forever

    By admireent
    This is a haunting story both picturesque and magical as you time trip through the history of New York. One man who lives on and on takes the reader back in time and let's you walk the streets of ny over many centuries. You will never walk down a cobbled street in NYC without thinking about the history of those who lived years ago.
  • A grand adventure

    By Astutress
    Loved this book and have passed it forward. A grand tour through the rich history of earliest New York (and Ireland) to present times, experienced on a very personal and passionate scale and elevated by touches of magic.
  • Forever

    By boldkevin
    Brilliant story. A real page turner,

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