Concierge Confidential - Michael Fazio & Michael Malice

Concierge Confidential

By Michael Fazio & Michael Malice

  • Release Date: 2011-02-01
  • Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
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Concierge Confidential by Michael Fazio & Michael Malice

New York City's top concierge gives up a keyhole view into the luxe hotel rooms, private dining and dressing rooms of the ridiculous, rich and demanding

Michael Fazio is the ultimate behind-the-scenes support man. Want two orchestra tickets to the Broadway musical that just won the Tony? Call Fazio. How about an upgrade to first class on an overbooked overnight flight to Tokyo? Call Fazio. Or a roomful of fresh hydrangeas—in winter? That's right. Call Fazio. From his early start as the harried and neglected personal assistant to a typical L.A. casting agent, Fazio took what he learned there and moved into concierge work at New York City's Intercontinental Hotel, where he was eventually able to parlay his services into a large and successful business of his own.

In Concierge Confidential, Fazio reveals the behind-thescenes madness that goes into getting the rich and famous what they want, and shares some great insider knowledge on how to get access to the unattainable without making the concierge, waiters and other service people crazy.

A few of Fazio's tips include:
• When and how much to palm in tips
• How to get a seat or ticket to the hottest thing in town
• How to avoid being labeled a rube the minute you walk through the door
• How you can become your favorite store or restaurant's most beloved customer
• And much more

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Book Reviews

  • Concierge Confidential

    By McOch
    I absolutely loved this book! Michael Fazio is articulate, funny and tells stories of his experiences that make you feel as if you are right there while it's happening even though these are situations that took place in the past. Several times I found myself thinking, if not talking to myself under my breath, the same words and phrases he used in the next sentence. Appreciate Michael's honesty and pure openness to always trying to make the client's experience a delightful and memorable one versus just doing the usual and satisfactory.
  • Concierge confidential

    By Bopopopjiko
    This was a great read! Loved the tips and the peek behind the velvet rope/curtain of the rich, famous and often spoiled. As someone who has been in a service profession my entire career, it's an excellent boost for my morale.
  • Concierge Confidential

    By Nana3Grandsons
    So enjoyed this book! The behind-the-scenes insight into an occupation that I've always thought a bit mysterious was really intriguing. I found this a "page turner" and purely fun to read! Interesting, engrossing, enlightening...thanks so much!
  • Want more!

    By Etienne Chicago
    Stayed up til 5am reading.

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