Matter: The Other Name for Illusion - Harun Yahya

Matter: The Other Name for Illusion

By Harun Yahya

  • Release Date: 2002-08-06
  • Book Genre: Islam
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Matter: The Other Name for Illusion by Harun Yahya

What is explained in this book is an important truth, which has surprised many and changed their perspectives on life. This truth can be summarized as follows: "We cannot have direct experience of any of the events and objects that we encounter in real life-buildings, people, cities, cars, places-in fact, any of the things we see, hold, touch, smell, taste and hear. We only confront visions and feelings formed in our brains". There is matter outside, yet we may never know the actual of the matter. We assume with the inculcation we have been given that these are invariable in a world outside our brains and hence that we see and feel the actual of them. However, in reality we never see real existing materials and we never touch real materials. In brief while assuming all through our lives that we deal with the matter outside, in reality we know the copy and image of everything. This is not a philosophical speculation. It is an empirical fact that has been proven by modern science. Today, any scientist who is a specialist in medicine, biology, neurology or any other field related to brain research would say, when asked how and where we see the world, that we see the whole world in the vision center located in our brains. This fact has been scientifically proven in the twentieth century, and although it may seem surprising, it necessarily implies answers to two questions; "Since throughout our lives we confront the images formed in our brains, then who is it that creates these visions? And who is it that sees these visions in our brains without having eyes and enjoys them, gets excited and happy?" You will find the answers to these two important questions in this book.

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  • Well written

    By In2theBlu2
    This author does make some credible points , however , most assuredly , his view is limited to his Muslim upbringing , most clearly prominent in his view of a pre-determined fate, like all those indoctrinated into the Muslim faith he believes that everything one does in there life,every decision one makes is predetermined by God, so that pretty much let's all the radical Muslims that would strap bombs to their children off the hook doesn't it, God pre-ordained it, the real God of creation , the one that loves us all, I'm sure weeps at the misguided beliefs of the radical, hateful, violence filled peoples that inhabit the "hotbox" , the so called cradle of civilization. Still an eye opening read.

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